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Signed Football Jerseys Tombola

¡Win an original jersey signed by your favourite men's football team!

The signatures are 100% real (not copied or printed) signed on jerseys from the 2021 / 2022 season both for men & women. Along with the jersey you will also get an original club's thermos.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By purchasing these products you are not directly buying one of these jerseys but you will get a ticket to participate in the raffle* for a signed jersey and a thermos!

All (100%) of the the raffle's income will directly benefit the boys and girls at Academia FC México, Mexico's first institution which offers empoverished and vulnerable kids and adolescents an academic as well as a footballing education - completely for free - which will give them an opportunity in life. To know more about us and to be always up to date follow our news, activities, and events on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) or send us a message via WhatsApp.

* The winning tickets are those, whose numbers coincide with the last 2 digits of the highest cash prize of Mexico's National Lottery's monthly "Sorteo Especial". All tickets of a specific set of jerseys and thermos will remain valid until there is a winner for each set.

The following are the winning numbers according to the corresponding National Lottery's raffles:
78 (15th September 2022)
12 (14th October 2022)

You can follow the raffle live on the YouTube channel of Mexico's National Lottery.

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