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Where Football meets Education

Why another Football Academy?

Why another Football Academy

Academia FC México isn't just another football academy, but it is in fact the first and only one in Mexico that offers talented adolescents to pursue both an intellectual as well as an athletic career.

Mexican School Kids

... cannot always go to school.

Many children, especially from poorer and lower educated families, are forced to drop out of school to help earn money.

Football Talents

... play wherever they can.

But especially due to corruption a whopping 85% of these talents do not get the chance to play in professional teams.

FC México

... is here to change that.

Join us and be part of the change.



Our Work

We are working with top partners in the fields of athletics, education, and social institutions among others. They help us to handpick the most vulnerable but also the most talented adolescents, give them a top-level school and athletic education as well as provide all the housing, nutrition, and care that many of us take for granted but were lacking in our students' lives.

Along with our values, our partners, and some of the world's past and current football stars, who will guide these youngsters as personal mentors and friends, we develop educated societal role models through football.

Program Invitation

We look for our students all over the Mexican Republic in order to find the most needy as well as the most talented adolescents.

Life @ the Academy

In a safe, integrative, and encouraging environment the students will live, learn, and grow – personally as well as professionally.

Career Paths

Getting a (post-)graduate degree or pursuing a professional football career won't always work out. But if it does, we are there to facilitate the opportunity.


With or without a university degree or a professional football career, our Academy-Alumni will be all set for an above-average job.

Social Commitment

We morally bind our alumni to multiply the foundation's footprint by investing part of their income in their home communities.

Our work
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About us

About Us

Academia FC México is a non-profit organization helping Mexico's most vulnerable boys and girls with great passion and talent for football to become future societal leaders.

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We're an open book

All our activities are documented and transparent, so you can be sure all your money and all our efforts are directed 100% towards the benefit of our students.

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We prove every project

We track all the money we receive and show the development you helped fund with photos. If you want to know anything in specific, we'll send you the info.

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We're waiting for you

Visit us at our training grounds in Mexico City. We would be happy to show you first hand about our work or involve you eve in one of our projects.

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